March 2019

Oh, that the Judas-like of the world
Would be more like Peter, John, Paul, Matthew, Lazarus, Mary Magdalene…
Why would anyone choose to give the betrayer’s kiss
Which infused the cup of our Lord with such a bitter taste to drink?

But it’s better for our hearts to break in silence
Than to rebel against our good God in anguish over scandalous behavior
As long as a person is living here in this world, by God’s Holy Will,
They still have the choice to be the wheat or the weeds

The devil’s deception can be such a subtle thing
To convince us that we don’t ever have a chance of being holy
Or that sanctity is the sole responsibility of priests and religious
When we are all called to be the Body of Christ, His Bride, the Church

May we be together as one, as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one…

On this subject, I’m conflicted…
I know that we ought to pray for each other, and with each other,
But what did Jesus say about praying to the Father—
Mustn’t we close the door of our inner room and pray in secret? (cf. Matthew 6:6)

When prayer becomes a public spectacle—
About who can pray the loudest, the longest, with the most tears—
Or even giving alms, with our left hand knowing what our right is doing,
Haven’t we become as hypocritical and prideful as the Pharisees?

Only God knows the depths of the heart, but what if we’ve made our hearts impure?
What if we’re trying to serve multiple masters—God, the world, and ourselves?
These are tough questions we shouldn’t shy away from
If we sincerely want to love and serve Him
With all our heart, mind, soul, and strength