July 14, 2020

You catch me off guard with a moment of unexpected beauty
During my daily routine of uncertainty, mistakes, and disappointments
Your love for me is strong and gentle at the same time
Always personal, ingeniously tailor-made

It could be in the funny way a dog wags its tail in excitement
Or the way a little child laughs so innocently
The way the sunlight breaks through the clouds into the ocean
And the way a husband holds his wife close to him, protecting her for as long as he can

Those who say there is no God must be overthinking things
Or simply insensitive to all You’ve created, all that is good in this great big world
I’ve only had glimpses of Your eternal beauty
Which sustain me just enough to be able to wait
With grateful, expectant hope
That there will be a vision of absolutely breathtaking beauty
At the hidden end of life’s journey
Being born into the next