July 8, 2022

Facing constant rejection, people refusing to look you in the eye
Digging through trash, waiting in long lines for shelters and soup kitchens

Not being able to sleep well because of hunger pains, insects biting, infections and wounds on your skin, rats finding their way into your tent
Not finding a place to set up camp due to the complaints of store owners, city officials, concerned residents, and police officers

If you’re a woman and a violent man rapes you at night, will anyone answer your cries for help?
If you have psychological problems, are you destined to wander the streets like a wild animal, in the event that your family and country should forsake you?

How do you survive if you’re an immigrant and can’t speak the language?
How do you keep a job if your pre-paid phone, shoes, I.D., and other belongings keep getting stolen?

Will anyone hire you if you have a criminal record, unpaid debts, a drug problem?
What if you can’t take a bath regularly; worse yet, if a bladder problem is causing you to wet yourself uncontrollably?

Are you permitted to use the library for Internet access; can you even enter into a church to give honor and worship to the Lord?
Do you feel too stupid to learn anything, too sinful to be forgiven by God and others?

Your addictions may be killing you, but what if you’re just barely holding on for a reason to live?
When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation; who was the last person who showed that they really listened or cared?