On this subject, I’m conflicted…
I know that we ought to pray for each other, and with each other,
But what did Jesus say about praying to the Father—
Mustn’t we close the door of our inner room and pray in secret? (cf. Matthew 6:6)

When prayer becomes a public spectacle—
About who can pray the loudest, the longest, with the most tears—
Or even giving alms, with our left hand knowing what our right is doing,
Haven’t we become as hypocritical and prideful as the Pharisees?

Only God knows the depths of the heart, but what if we’ve made our hearts impure?
What if we’re trying to serve multiple masters—God, the world, and ourselves?
These are tough questions we shouldn’t shy away from
If we sincerely want to love and serve Him
With all our heart, mind, soul, and strength

When you’re so stressed that you can’t think anymore
When several fires start burning before you can even put the first one out
When the only possible solution is a miracle beyond your limited human means

When people misunderstand or accuse you, even talking behind your back
When you’re being bullied and shamed into thinking that you’re completely worthless
When the secular world is trying to make you something that you don’t want to be

When your faith becomes a point of disagreement, a sword of division
When it feels like no one cares about their immortal souls, only for this passing life
When people act like swine, incapable of recognizing holy things, the pearls of the Spirit

When you’re about to go to bed and don’t know if you’ll wake up in the morning
When you’re about to eat and worry about those who have nothing to fill their stomaches
When, by grace, you remember that someone has asked you to pray for them

When you see your president making a fool of himself
When you hear about another scandal in the Church
When God touches your heart unexpectedly and you know that He’s with you despite everything

When someone you love is dying or has died
When your children, relatives, parents, or siblings seem so far from Jesus
When, like Mary, your heart is pierced, and yet, you would magnify the Lord with all your soul