When you curl up into a fetal position
It means you’re vulnerable
You wouldn’t want to hurt someone in this state
Much less, tear them limb from limb
Selling each part for science
Or throwing them away without even a proper burial
But this is precisely what’s been done
And I’m sure heaven is outraged by these crimes
If you were God, what would you say
If the beings you created were murdering themselves?
Stop it! Enough!
Can’t you see that you were made for more than this?
God is not silent
He is speaking through people like you and me
He is speaking within our consciences
And He is listening to every cry, every prayer
Offering us mercy
So that we might have the means of salvation

How can a person be a friend of God
But be an enemy of life?
Didn’t Jesus say, “I am the way, the truth, AND THE LIFE”?
So how can the pro-lifers be the ones who have lost their way?

I’m all for women’s rights—
The right to vote, the right to equal pay, the right to be free from sexual harassment
But I don’t think it can ever be called a “right”
To take away anyone’s God-given gift, the beautiful grace of life

Can you imagine a parent saying to a child, “I wish I had aborted you before you were born”—
The knife that would be stuck in that kid’s heart?
By opening up the legislature to abortion on demand,
We are devaluing every human life
To the whims of choice—irrational, destructive, fearful, irreversible choice

Let us not be more brutal than animals
We should be nurturing our young, the most defenseless in the womb
If we want peace, we mustn’t do violence against the innocent
Otherwise, we only merit God’s justice