Lost and Found (and Seeking Grace)

Why do I try to drown the noise with even more noise?
It’s like a shouting match, nothing is really communicated, nothing is really heard
Might as well be the persistent theme of my life…
Why I feel so lonely, and why there hasn’t been much peace
Why I’m so darned tired, except for those moments when You reveal Yourself in silence

I’d like to say that I’ve been trying to find the road that leads to grace
But how many detours and dead ends
While stubbornly insisting that I know where I’m going?
What I do know is that I’ve led many astray with bad directions
How can I atone for my sins besides a radical shift in humility?

Only You know the map, Lord
I’m done being a prodigal child and ache for the Father’s home
Your sheep recognize Your voice
How sorry I am for trusting the deceiver
For being attracted by such vanity of vanities

I beg You to forgive me and take me back into Your fold
Your wisdom and mercy are my sole comfort and hope
Where everything I’ve done wrong can be made clean
My heart and soul reborn into Your vision of creation
Emptied of the dross, I can be filled with Your love and instilled with the gifts of Your heavenly virtues

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